Hef Prentice

Designer | Film Photographer | Illustrator | Stylist | 3D Sculptor & Animator | VJ

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"Based in Argentina, Prentice captures the blurry line between darkness and innocence, desire and restraint. Her young subjects, donning fishnet tights and sheer underwear, inhabit decadent interiors hidden from the outside world. Capturing intimate atmospheres on 35mm film, the young analog photographer casts a curious eye on young sensuality. When she’s not shooting, Prentice also flexes her fashion stylist and visual artist muscles form time to time".- Dazed and Confused Magazine

“Magic realism
Who is the fantastic character from @lilithbysita's profile and who is behind its creation? As we mentioned, this is the face of the jewelry brand Sita Abellan, and more specifically the Spring-Summer 2020 collection - ALEPH, inspired by carnality, magic and feminism. The project also refers to the mythological view of the woman, which is connected with the contemporary vision of humanity. HEF PRENTICE ( bb.motion ) - an Argentine photographer, artist and stylist is responsible for the 3D images. In her works, realism is borderline with the world we know from films about the future.” - Natalia Tokarz 

"Hef Prentice is a young photographer based in Argentina. Watching at her works actives an immediate mechanism so that we are automatically catapulted in her world immersed in an atmosphere that is at the same time fairy but dark, gentle but strong. It’s a world of clear contrasts that, however, create a perfect balance. Her photographs absorb you completely and catapulte everybody everywhere and at no time. The atmospheres are halfway between prohibited and mystery, maybe spiced by a bit of anxiety. Imprecise cut but not accidental images that arise in her thoughts and become real on photographic film; it’s the lively reality in her mind and photography it’s the code she uses to communicate it." - Artwort, Italia 

“Americana Exotica” is the pinnacle of the romantic tapestries Prentice can create digitally—a vivid fantasyscape featuring a group of otherworldly female figures with cyborg features, in repose surrounded by lush nature. It’s a fairy-tale, if it were set in the year 2100”. Emma Firth - Wetransfer

In 2023, Prentice was selected as the artist of the month by curators at the WeTransfer platform and took part in the 5th edition of Mutek AR 2023.

Selected works: Indira Paganotto, Sita Abellan, Kim Kardashian, JBalvin, Lilith by Sita, Mishbv, Alyx, Viktor & Rolf, Paris Fashion Week, Henri Bergmann, Watergate Records, Beatport, Automatik Records, MAC Cosmetics, Maybelline, Max Factor, Kappa, Warner Bros, Electric Zoo Festival, Pollen Festival, Tecate pal Norte Festival, Blackmamba, Cazzu, Tramando, Sadaels, Las Oreiro, Sketch-y, Las Pepas, Vogue Italia, Indie Magazine, Nakid Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Sicky Mag.

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