“Others may forget you, but not I. I am haunted by your beautiful ghost.”

The Empress Yamatohime, from "100 Hundred Poems from the Japanese" translated by Kenneth Rexroth

“At @sandro.estudio, a short film with an oriental style was presented, accompanied by an Ikebana performance. The images maintained a solemn and somewhat dense atmosphere,
with neatly arranged and orderly settings reminiscent of Japanese structure. The film speaks of rebirth, of the most primal events, always with a profound sense of solitude,
as if detached from the world. Cats act as spectators or watchful witnesses, as they are associated with energies and their presence is constant until the end,
where they seem to die and be reborn. A great debut by the artist @hefprentice”. - Sel de la Terre

Written & directed by Hef Prentice 
Produced by Hef PrenticeLeancy Marinelli

DOP & Camara: Mariano G. Aponte
Asist cam. Katja Stuckrath
Editing. Mariano G. Aponte & Hef Prentice 
Art dir. Leancy Marinelli, Camila Marconi, Emilio Paz, Lady Carin
Original music by: Nicolas Romero (AR), Branko d Lledo (SP) & Leo Berne (FR) 
St. Nicole Ortiz Castellanos
Wardrobe. Tramando Ar, Mila Kartei, Kijjji & Purple Haze Vision
Asist st Katya Simkin
Hair style. Maia Ludueña
Asist hair st Alejandra Altieri & Nicolas Irribarra
Make up. Sofia May
Asist make up. Syl Via - Kabubi Makeup School, Masol & Juza makeup
VFX & VHS Transfer. LÉVRIER Motion 
Poster:  Mariano G. Aponte

Cast in order of appearance:
Rigoberta del TesouroJessica TarrabCamila RodriguezMaria Pía Gordo
Morena ParentiFlora FerrariCamila MantovaniMacarena Gonzalez
Ekaterina Kórkova, Constanza PiekarzLuna Gericke
& Neko the cat

Featured at: Vogue Italia, Nakid Magazine, Galio, Dreck Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Fashion Grunge Magazine,  Sora Magazine, Curated by GIRLS, Grunge'n'Art Mag, Moan Zine, Revolt Mag, Adolescent Magazine.

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