- Exhibitions

The Dark Side - Boomer Gallery
Second Edition | Tower Bridge district, London,2024

BMotion x CryptoArg
Galeria Guemes 
Buenos Aires, 2023

BBMotion + Allgram
x Mutek AR,
Buenos Aires, 2023

x La noche de los Museos
Buenos Aires Museo, 2023

Zaz Corner
Times Square, New York, 2020

Haimney Gallery, Barcelona 2020

Infrarrojo SS’20 x Tramando
3D Art, Mapping & Creative Direction
Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires
Nominated for Martin Fierro de Moda

Beta Sur Gallery, Collective exhibition,
Buenos Aires, 2019

E.G.A. Enhanced Graphics Adapter
Collective exhibition 
Buenos Aires, 2019

"Ikebana de Primavera"
Sandro Studio
Presentation and performance
Buenos Aires, 2018

Stein Studio
Short film presentation
Buenos Aires, 2018

Inedito Pendrive 
Collective exhibition
Buenos Aires, 2017

- Vj Set

Meaningful Connections
Sita Abellan x Alyx - London, 2020

Sita Abellan x Fashion Our Future
x Virgil Abloh - Los Angeles, 2020

Henri Bergmann
x Beatport Electronic Labor Day

Sita Abellan
x Viktor & Rolf
Paris FW SS21

Sita Abellan USA Tour 21:
x Arc After Dark, Chicago
x Electric Zoo Festival, New York
x It'll Do Club, Dallas, Tx
x Pollen Festival, Las vegas
x Moon Beam Zouk Group, Las Vegas

Sci-fi x Artlab - Buenos Aires, 2023

Numbers - Buenos Aires, 2023

Oasis Open Air - Buenos Aires, 2023
x Laurie
x Xul Nox
x Mens of Clam
x Gaston Fiore

Indira Paganotto - Buenos Aires, 2024
x Oasis 

- Press

Hef Prentice — Creating romantic feminine fairytales with photography and CGI

Art numérique : une autre représentation du corps féminin - FishEye Immersive

Depuis Buenos Aires
, Hef Prentice
questionne la représentation du corps féminin à l’ère digitale
- Fisheye Immersive

8M: Artistas que ponen en valor el arte digital y la cultura, en Argentina y el mundo x ARTLAB

Situatifé - Dein conversation with
Hef Prentice Buenos Aires, Argentina 2023

MISBHV x Lilith by Sita to więcej niż współpraca
– to virtual influencing 2020

BAAEX 2020

Nymphs - Galio 2019

Entrevista Contraluz 2018

10 fotógrafas argentinas que debes conocer 2017

The best new photographers to follow on Instagram - Dazed and Confused Magazine 2016

Marvelous Portrait Film Photography by Hef Prentice Shooting Film - 2015

Glitter tees, pearl buttons, and woodland crowns - Pudge Mag 2014

Dark, sensual - Grudde, 2014

Intervista con Hef Prentice - Artwort Italy

- Photography

Portfolio Vogue Italia

Bilibili Vol 462. Hef Prentice - CN

Flowers - Indie Magazine

Full Moon - Nakid Magazine

Ksina - Hef Prentice Photography - CN

CNU 霓虹人像 |Hef Prentice

Diet Cola Issue First Light - Dreck Mag

Analogue photography vs. Porn - THIS ORIENT

Intimacy - Nhudes Magazine

Paradise - Grunge and art Magazine

The Other Light - Fashion Grunge Mag

A quiet place - Grunge and Art Magazine

The other side - Air Mag

Sacred Fruit - Nakid Magazine

And he said you have the skin like quartz - Fashion Grunge magazine

Magazine Blue babies - CAKE MAG

Monday Fix #134 - This week’s dose of visual inspiration includes photography by artists such as Nico Bustos, Stefanie Walk, Tim Walker and many others

Issue 004 - 001 ZINE

Cuesta Blanca - TRIP Mag


MIsterious Skin - Sora Magazine

Erotic by Hef Prentice - Bos

Golden Sisters - Sora Magazine

Pussy, sensual y analógico - Too Much Love

Tell me what’s inside your heart - Fashion Grunge Magazine

Into the Dark - Artisan Journal

♥ - Sora Magazine 2016

Art Spotlight: Hef Prentice Iglú #9

Ledi Krasnyy - Wednesday Early Magazine 2014

Hef Prentice - SOABOS Magazine 2014

Anax Junius - No Thoughts Magazine 2014

Among Fields of Crystal - War Fanzine 2014

Ethereal - TRIP Magazine 2014

La Danza Finale - DRECK Magazine 2014

Love is an Angel Disguised as Lust - Contemporiste

You are the one for me - No Thoughts Magazine

The boy from Venus - SORA Magazine

- Editorial

Claire Fatale - Contributor Magazine 2024

Alone 2050 - Contributor Magazine 2021

In nature we trust - Sicky Magazine 2020

Distortion - Contributor Magazine 2020

Carzoglio Meets: Diego Gravinese x Hef Prentice

The Unseen - Sticks and Stones Magazine 2019

Any colour you like - Sticks and stones Magazine 2019

Nebula - Nakid Magazine

Sphinx - Fashion Grunge Magazine 2019

Suspicious Company - Cake Mag 2018

Color Persistence - Fashion Grunge Mag 2018

Tulip Fever - Sticks and stones Magazine 2018

Aura - Fashion Grunge 2017

Water Serpents - Grunge'n'art Magazine 2017

Bird of paradise - Sticks & Stones 2017

Amethyst - Girls in real life Mag 2017

Translucent - Regia Mag 2017

Come Closer - Fashion Grunge 2017

Silk Angel - Girls in real Life Mag 2017

Flora - Stick and Stones Magazine 2017

The last night with Eva - Regia Mag

Fiction / Collab with Robert Coletti - Fashion Grunge 2016 Mag 2017

To Have you back - Cake Mag 2015

Sacra Fruit - Regia Mag #22 2014

Dreams of Nymphs - KALTBLUT Magazine 2014

PURPLE HAZE - Soabos Magazine 2014


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