I’m a mineral
I’m a flower
I’m an animal



The princess's advisors

The Apprentice Prince

The Mantis Caterpillar

The mysterious girl without a shadow

The Revenge of the Vampiress

"I transform into a flower in the moonlight"

Piccolo Daimaku's daughter

The Protective Geisha

The indomitable Swordswoman


Pleasure From Another Dimension

Escape to another dimension


Nights in Paris

A nightmare in which I emerge victorious

The time I thought I was in love

Top Models

My Mona Lisa: Dear Vij

Miss Gucci

The Young Woman with Lily Hands

Prelude: 2013

I come to heal you, not to kill you

Take me for a ride in your spaceship

Smoking, I wait for the one I love so much.

Wearing my cloak of invisibility

I had an allergy that turned into an outfit

I just landed, and already I had to fall in love?


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