Traces EP by Nick Jojo

Automatik Records

Henri Bergmann’s Automatik label rolls out another superb offering, this time from Nick Jojo with a remix from Monophase.

Nick started DJing at clubs in 1999 when the legendary Banana Moon made its appearance in Athens, Greece. His musical influences span from classic US house to modern techno and he has landed on top labels like Impressum, Radiant and Three Hands.

First up on the EP is Traces, a track that begins with understated, elegant chords over scintillating drum funk, that is until it hits you with an electrifying jolt of spectacular synth design guaranteed to blow up those club speakers.

Walk Alone then follows, with dark and driving drums and progressive synths that bring the light. At first the track teases you with its pulsating rhythms and cosmic arpeggiated lead, building gradually, layer upon layer, as it is adorned with intricate ethereal ear candy. They rise up through the mix to devastating effect and when the percussion slaps the whole track explodes. Tides closes out and is a dramatic and caustic mix of lithe drums and raw rave energy.

The EP closes with a remix of the title track by Italian DJ duo Monophase. With early support from the Afterlife scene, this is a deep rolling cut with flashes of moody bass and beautiful progressive melodies all synergising together to sweep you up off your feet.

This is another class offering from this label.

Artwork by @hefprentice

Leave Them Kids Alone by Thodoris Triantafillou

Automatik Records

Henri Bergmann's ever more essential Automatik label welcomes Thodoris Triantafillou for a superb new three track EP. Hailing from the Greek capital Athens, Thodoris Triantafillou cooks up a rich musical concoction that takes influences from across the electronic spectrum as he shows here. Leave Them Kids Alone is supple and subversive deep techno with rich progressive chords. It is a spiritual awakening that will conjure those dramatic peak time moments. Moodmaker ups the ante with more deep rumbling bass and lush arps. They ride up and down the scale to hypnotic effect and bring real light and hope to the grooves. Android is last up, a collaboration with Chris Child, it's an electro infused robotic odyssey over bouncy broken beats. This is a varied EP full of rich melodic colour and stylish grooves.

Artwork by @hefprentice

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